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Step 1. What’s your dream?

Your outcome goal is the ultimate result you want to achieve.

What is your outcome goal? It’s OK to set a high outcome goal!

Outcome goals are positive, measurable targets which motivate you to take action. This goal is your end destination, but shouldn’t be your primary focus. If you are too obsessed with the result and focus on things that are not under your direct control, you may end up with a negative mindset. Much more important is a plan detailing how to achieve your outcome goal.

Example of an outcome goal:
– To be the top scorer in my football league next season

Move on to step 2 once you have decided your outcome goal. If you choose multiple outcome goals, you should fill in a timeline and performance/process goals for each.

Step 2. What do you need to accomplish?

Your performance goals are the building blocks that help you to reach your outcome goal.

Make a timeline and fill in performance goals that will help you to achieve your outcome goal. What steps do you need to take to reach your outcome goal?

Performance goals are smaller steps that are within your control. In order to reach your outcome goals you must know what is expected of you at certain points along your timeline. Make sure that your performance goals are specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time sensitive to your outcome goals. Design your timeline so that you are always clear on your next steps.

Example of performance goals:
– Improve my shot-making and touch with my left foot.
– Give 100% during each practice
– Increase my initial burst of speed over the first 5 meters.
– Be stronger and more accurate in the air with headers.
– Become faster in my decision-making when I receive the ball.

Move on to step 3 when you are ready to take action.

Step 3. What actions should you take?

Your process goals are the actions behind each of your performance goals.

Look at your timeline and make 3-5 process goals for each of your performance goals. These goals will be your immediate focus points. What actions do you need to take to reach each of your performance goals?

Process goals are entirely within your control. Focus on the process rather than the results to reduce frustration. Remember to stay disciplined and stick to your timeline – success doesn’t happen overnight.

Examples of process goals for ”Improve my shot-making and touch with my left foot”:
 – Twice a week practice left-footed shot-making mechanics with my coach.
 – Focus more on passing and shotmaking with my left foot in practice.

Examples of process goals for ”Give 100% during each practice”:
 – Consciously shed negative thoughts during all training sessions. 
 – Use positive visualization techniques before training and matches.
 – Spend time after each practice honestly assessing my performance and areas to improve.  

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