Use the power of your mind to achieve peak performance. Embrace your mental strength to achieve long-term results.

If you are a passionate athlete you probably spend many hours each week in pursuit of improving your performance. Perhaps you focus primarily on your physics, technique and tactics? However, that does not always result in long-term peak performance – there are many other elements that may positively influence your results.

A strong mind is the most powerful weapon to unlock your full potential. When you improve your behavior, motivation and your focus under pressure, you will notice a significant improvement in your performance.

Let me help you achieve your peak performance goals!

DISC Sports Analysis – When you want to improve

How do you think it will affect your performances if you know your own strengths and weaknesses? What if you knew exactly how to motivate yourself and create the circumstances and environment that allow you to achieve peak performance?


This sports analysis is based on Extended DISC® Behavioural Profiling. These behavioral theories that have been used successfully for over 80 years.

DISC represents 4 different behavior styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

DISC Sports Analysis is a proven and effective tool used to analyse human behaviour and driving force. This test will show you how to use your mental strength, circumstances and environment to achieve peak performance, both in training, and competition.

Here are some of the elements we will analyse:
– In which envirsonment you achieve your natural peak performance
– Your behaviour under pressure
– Your team role (if you compete or work with others)
– Identifying the best ways for your team to motivate you
– Your behaviour under changing circumstances
– Your ability to lead and motivate others
– Your communication skills
– Your strengths and comfort zones
– What motivates/demotivates you
– What increases/decreases your energy levels
– Your development areas

You will get:
– DISC Sports Analysis based on Extended DISC® Behavioural Profiling
– A report with your test results
– Actions and focus areas to achieve your goals
– 90 minute coaching session
– A visual overview of your outcome goal, performance goals and process goals
– 1 month access to Performance Support
– 60 minute follow-up coaching session after 1 month

Price: 600 EUR

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Performance Support – When you want to achieve your goals

Stay focused and make sure your performance and results are progressing.
It is easy to set goals and talk about the changes you want to make, but it is much harder to take action and stay committed.


Do you keep an eye on your goals and follow up on your progress as you move toward them? If not, you may lose focus which will be revealed in your results.

Performance Support is an effective follow-up tool that helps to maintain your focus and commitment in order for you to achieve your peak performance goals. Once a week you receive an email with a questionnaire detailing the specific process goals you focus on to achieve your ultimate (outcome) goal. In addition, you will receive a weekly report with a visual overview of your development towards your goals.

Before you get access to Performance Support, you will receive a 45 minute coaching session where we set your outcome goal, performance goals and process goals so it is easy for you to focus your actions in pursuit of your goals.

You will get:
– 45 minute coaching session where we make sure that your way towards your goals is specific and effective
– A visual overview of your outcome goal, performance goals and process goals
– Access to Performance Support
– Weekly update on your focus areas
– You can always change your focus areas without any costs
– Optional follow-up coaching session: 84 EUR

45 minutes coaching session to get access to Performance Support: 114 EUR
How long do you want to commit to achieve your goals?

3 months access to Performance Support: 99 EUR / 33 EUR monthly
6 months access to Performance Support: 162 EUR / 27 EUR monthly
12 months access to Performance Support 240 EUR / 20 EUR monthly

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6 months personal coaching – When you are all-in

Personal coaching is your way to achieving long-term peak performances. Learn to build your mental strength and make the changes you want by embracing the power of your thoughts, feelings, actions and goals.


We work together for 6 months. You have unlimited coaching in that period to make you a winner. You will improve your willpower, consciousness, commitment and motivational skills.

You will get:
– 6 months unlimited coaching and mentoring
– A visual overview of your outcome goal, performance goals and process goals
– 6 months access to Performance Support

Structure of your 6 months personal coaching:
Step 1. We make a visual overview of your outcome goal, performance goals and process goals

Step 2. We make a Performance Analysis:
– Setting goals (in continuation of step 1)
– What strategy is the best to reach your goals?
– How do your relationships (private and professional) affect you performance?
– Does your training and competition match your goals?
– Testing your mental strength

Step 3. Unlimited coaching and mentoring in 6 months

Step 4. Training you in motivation, commitment, body language and the mindset of a winner

Step 5. Follow-up coaching session after the 6 months

Price: 2.016 EUR

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